10 Ways to Learn Web Design in 30 Days

There is a lot of information on the internet about ways to learn web design. If you can use this information properly, you can learn web design in just 30 days. And this web design will also help you find your career path.
Hearing the name of web design, you must realize that it is a creative profession. And the evaluation of the creative profession in the world is much higher. If you can establish yourself as a skilled web designer, you don’t have to look back.
And so this article is for those who want to develop their latent talents through web design and build their career quickly. By following each step given below, it is hoped that you can easily become a good quality web designer. Another topic is what web design is and how you can become a web designer you can learn from this article.

Ways to learn web design

Web design tutorials

1. Learn the code from any tutorial website

You will definitely need a teacher to learn web design. Now you can get this teacher in a variety of ways. But the easiest and most effective way to find a teacher is online. There are currently numerous websites online that teach web design in both free and paid ways. Since your goal is to learn web design in 30 days so you have to use it in the right way every day.
First of all I would suggest not to learn from YouTube at first. And if you want to learn exclusively from YouTube, you must learn web design step by step. To learn step by step, follow the YouTube channels that have given all the web design courses in the form of playlists and the course teacher should be proficient in that subject.
Some YouTube channels Playlist:
  • HTML and CSS in 30 days
  • JavaScript
  • CSS 3 in 30 days
And if you want to learn from the website, I would say it is your right choice. In this case you can follow these 5 free websites for learning graphic design.

2. Start with the Sketch

Learning Web Design very easy. You must start from basic to advance HTML markup. Then basic to advance CSS and then basicto advane JavaScript.

To learn web design you have to start from scratch. That means you need to acquire good skills on HTML first. Then CSS and finally JavaScript.

3. Read blogs related to Web design regularly

In addition to learning web design, you need to read blogs regularly. The blog will help you stay updated with technology. It will also help you to get a complete explanation of all the new trends in web design, design ideas and various topics. Here are some popular web design blogs:
  • Smashing Magazine
  • css-tricks
  • Creative Bloq
  • Webdesignernews
  • Sitepoint
  • MDN Web Docs
  • Tutorialzine
Using these blogs as a way to learn web design will take you a long way.

4. Give importance in Typography, Color, UX and SEO

When it comes to your overall idea about web design, you need to look at typography, color, UX. Also try to make every code of the website SEO friendly. But you don’t have to do a course for this. Instead, you can gain skills by reading blogs regularly and visiting websites by other designers.

5. Learn JavaScript

Usually 15 days is enough time to complete HTML and CSS Basic. Now you have to spend 15 days behind JavaScript. JavaScript makes the website interactive i.e. JavaScript is required to add sliders, animations, effects etc. to the website.

6. Write and learn w3schools code

One of the principles of learning any coding is to practice it regularly after learning the code.
No matter how much you memorize it, if you don’t practice it regularly, your learning will fail completely. For this you need to practice the codes you have learned in any code editor regularly.
Also the online w3schools is quite a popular website. At Code Academy you can learn web design as well as coding.

7. Join the CodePen community

CodePen is a website where various web designers publish their code. You can edit these codes and see the code results live.
The main advantage of joining this community is that you can see how great web designers code. You can also edit the code yourself again. And these will make it easier for you to learn web design.

8. Apply Design skills to the Website

When you are nearing the end of learning web design, you need to try to create a web site by applying the code you have learned. This will build confidence in you. You also need to try to create a website with WordPress, Joomla and various CMS.

9. Get the opinion of others

When creating a website, get feedback from others. Hear from them about how your website looks or how easy it is to use. Also, try to get feedback from an experienced designer on whether your coding method is correct.

10. Keep learning something new

Technology is constantly being updated. So if you can’t update yourself over time, step back from the world of web design. Once upon a time there was HTML 1, now it is being updated to HTML 5. Thus from CSS 1 now CSS 3 runs. So try to update everything to learn.
Last word
In the above mentioned article I have tried to highlight the ways and practical methods of learning web design. Now all you have to do is follow these steps regularly.



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