What is Micro Niche Blogging? Earn $300 Every Month from a Micro Niche Blog

Micro Niche Blogging
Nowadays, people can easily create a blog and earn money from blogs using various of monetization.
So nowadays a misconception has spread among the people that you have to work hard day and night to earn money online from blogs.
But, if you want to create a brand for your blog or earn millions of rupees a month from the blog, then this is true.
Or, your goal is to “earn only money” and earn a limited amount of money each month, then we have a variety of easy ways.You can create a micro-niche blog with any high search volume and low competition topic or niche.
One of the easiest ways to earn money online is to create a “micro-niche blog”.
By creating a micro-niche blog, you can earn at least $150 or more every month through Google Adsense in a very short period of time.
So, in this article, I will tell you all about “what is the micro-niche blog”, “why micro niche is best for making money from blogs” and “how to create a micro-niche blog”.
I am earning about $150 to $200 a month from my micro niche blog through Google Adsense. And, I only worked 15 to 22 days on this blog.
With just a few hours of work, you will continue to make recurring income from your blog.
You can create a micro-niche blog with any high search volume low competition topic or niche. In my case, I survived what I like to write about.
So, if you write about your favorite subject or niche, you will have an interest in it and the chances of success will be doubled.

What is a micro niche blog?

Micro niche blogs are actually a very lucrative way to make money from blogs easily.
This kind of niche website is actually a micro-topic (small subject) or more specific keyword is targeted.
This means that we write articles on different topics by targeting different types of keywords in a general blog or website.
For example, I write articles in this blog targeting blogging, SEO, online income, computer, and technology, all these types of topics or the keywords associated with them.
So, this blog of mine can be called as a “multi niche blog”.
However, in the case of a micro niche blog, anyone profitable topic survives and a complete blog is created with more specific keywords or micro-topics associated with it.
Now, in this type of targeted micro niche blog, all you have to do is write an article related to a specific keyword or micro-topic that has survived.
For example,
Suppose you are thinking of creating a blog and writing an article on the subject of smartphones in the blog.
In this case, the niche of your blog will be “smartphone”.
But, now if you create a blog targeting a more specific topic or long tail keyword related to the smartphone, then your blog will be considered as a micro nice blog.
Such as “iPhone budget smartphones”, “Samsung budget smartphones”, “Redmi note smartphones” such long tail keywords and specific things can be called micro niche.
Because in this case, you are creating a complete blog just by writing an article on a specific mobile.
Simply put, if you create a blog targeting small topics or long keywords related to any big topic, that blog will be a micro niche blog.
This type of blog or website does not get much more traffic or visitors.
However, with a lot less traffic/visitors, the amount of income from this type of blog is much higher.
So, what is a micro niche blog, maybe you have full knowledge about this.

Why create a micro niche blog? What is the benefit?

Remember, today in Google search engine, which websites are written only on a specific topic, those websites rank better.
If you can create a high quality blog on a specific topic, your blog will rank better in Google search engine than other authority blogs.
With this, more traffic and visitors will come to the blog.
Moreover, if you create this kind of niche website, you do not have to think about writing an article on the blog every day.
Just write a high quality article in a week.
Once you’ve created your own blog, you won’t have to worry about your blog.
Just write an article once a week and keep making money through Google AdSense or affiliate marketing.
In some cases, just writing 10 to 20 articles at a time will not be a problem if you do not write any more articles later.
Moreover, these types of niche (niche) websites are made with specific topics, so the chances of getting targeted traffic from search engines are much higher.
In this way, you can make more income by showing targeted ads through Google AdSense.
And with that, you will have the opportunity to earn more by selling the products related to the subject of your blog through affiliate marketing.
Remember, only targeted traffic comes to a micro niche blog and the revenue from targeted traffic will be higher through any means.

How to create a micro niche website?

In order to create this kind of micro niche website, you have to think about some special things from the beginning.

Proper niche selection & keyword research:

Your income and traffic will depend on what topic or topic you are thinking of creating a website for.
The topic of your surviving blog should be profitable, people should be interested in that topic.
Otherwise, you must create a blog, although you will not get any traffic or visitors to read it.
So, before the niche of the blog survives, you have to do some research to find out how popular that niche or keyword is on the online internet and whether people are interested in that topic.
For this type of topic or keyword research, you need to use some of the best keyword research tool.
As such, the Google keyword planner tool is the best and free tool in this case.
Using this tool, you can find out how many searches are done on Google for any keyword or topic.
So, if you create a blog targeting this topic or keyword and write 10 to 20 articles, there is a chance to get search traffic easily.

Content planning:

Now that you have saved your blog niche or topic, your real and urgent task will be content planning.
Content planning means planning 15 to 20 articles on the topic you are thinking of creating a niche blog, which you will have to post on your blog in the future.
For example, if I create a niche blog about “Samsung mobile phone”, then there may be some articles related to this keyword,
  • Budget Samsung mobile phones under 10 thousand.
  • Samsung mobile under 20 thousand.
  • New Samsung smartphones with 6 GB RAM.
You can write different types of articles with some keyword ideas or topics like this.
Remember, every article written on your blog should be related to the main keyword or topic of the blog.
Every article should be written on the main topic or keyword of the blog.
This is very important for any niche blog.
Remember, in terms of the popularity of the keywords you will target in the article and the number of monthly searches, be sure to check with google keyword planner.

Domain & hosting selection:

After selecting the blog niche and planning the entire content, now you need to buy a domain name and hosting for your own blog.
Remember, in your surviving domain name, your targeted keywords must be there.
I mean, if you’re thinking of creating a niche blog targeting “smartphone review”, then you need to have the keyword “smartphone review” down to your domain.
For example, you can register smartphonereviews.com or smartphonereviews.info and many more such domains.
Then, just think of buying good quality cloud hosting.
For example, cloudways, Hostgator or Digitalocean are the best cloud hosting companies.
Remember, if the hosting quality of the blog is not good, the blog will work slow.
And, it is very difficult to get traffic and visitors from Google search engine on a low quality slow blog.
So, never make the mistake of buying a local and low quality web hosting.

SEO & Backlink building:

You must use SEO in your blog articles. Using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) we can easily explain the content of our article to google search algorithms.
This greatly increases the chances of getting traffic and visitors from the Google search engine.
So, in any micro niche blog, whatever articles you write, it is very important to have proper use of On page SEO.
One of the most important things you must do in SEO is to create backlinks.
If you can create good and high quality backlinks for your blog, the chances of getting more traffic from google search engine will increase a lot.
So, using different means of creating backlinks, such as blog commenting, guest posting, social media sharing and directory submission, you can create good quality backlinks for your blog.

Monetizing your blog:

Now, after doing everything correctly, in about 2 to 3 months your blog will start expecting some number of traffic and visitors from Google search.
However, keep in mind that the amount of traffic or visitors to your blog from Google search will depend on the popularity of your targeted keyword and the “monthly search volume”.
So, create a niche blog by targeting keywords or topics with popular and more monthly search volume.
Now, once a certain amount of traffic starts coming to the blog, you can start earning money from Google AdSense.
Google Adsense is the best way to make money from blogs.
Moreover, you can earn money by selling the products or services related to the subject of your blog through affiliate marketing.
The advantage of niche websites is that these types of websites get targeted traffic or visitors to any specific topic.
So, it is very easy to sell one and a half visitors to the product or services blog related to the topic of your blog.
If you can create a niche website in the right way by targeting the right keywords, you can easily earn $150 to $300 a month.


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