How to Increase Earnings from Google AdSense?

Increase Earnings Google AdSense
First of all, you need to look good for the blog and choose a topic that you know all about and can write about. The topic/keyword should be such that its CPC is higher. You can use the Google AdWords Keyword Planner tool to view a keyword’s CPC and it’s free.
You have to keep in mind that your blog will require a lot of visitors to earn more from AdSense, and in order to get the visitor there will be a lot of content on the blog and the content should be of good quality. Because if the visitor likes your content, then they will come to your website again and again if they like your website and share it for increase earn from Google AdSense.
So try to choose a topic whose CPC and more you can write well about that topic. To write good quality articles, Google will have to do a lot of reading for four days. In fact, no income is without suffering.
Nowadays it is seen that many new bloggers like to get more CPCs that they do not know well about those topics, which is why they can not write content more slowly and earn better from AdSense.

Why can’t earn a good amount from Google AdSense?

Here are some major problems from my experience with to decrease of Google Adsense earnings. So if you have these problems then find out that Inshallah your income will increase. There are a lot of people who have seen me from Blogger / Upwork, just blogging from Google Adsense and even now I myself do not rely on Fiverr, but the majority of my income now comes from Google Adsense.
  • Your blog has an insufficient post.
  • Post quality is not good.
  • Visitor volume is negligible.
  • Not helpful for content readers on your blog.
  • The CPC of your keyword is very low.
  • Did not place ads in the right place.
  • You are not using the right size AdSlot.
  • Most visitors to your site are Asian, (mainly Bangladeshi, Indian and Pakistani), so CPC and CTR are rarely available.

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How to Increase Earnings from Google AdSense?

If you want to use some tips and tricks you can increase the revenue from AdSense that I have already done. So let’s not see how you can increase your income from AdSense.
  • Use clean blog design and user-friendly navigation.
  • Publish regular fresh and unique content blogs that can solve your reader’s problem.
  • Use Adult slots in large and accurate sizes (Recommended AdSlot size: Responsive AdSlot, 728 * 90, 300 * 600 and 336 * 280).
  • Post title, in the middle of the post, in the header and place the ad at the end of the post.
  • Use AdSlot for both text and image types.
  • Use the AdSense Custom Search Bar for the search box.
  • Block Low Paying Advertisers.
  • Regular site SEO Do and bring search traffic to the site.
AdSense gives proper value of your content. If you get user satisfaction then google automatically start to rank your post. So, before publish any content you must be research to your primary keyword for getting millions of organic traffic from search engine.

Writing original and best quality content:

The first condition of earning good money from AdSense is to publish original website with quality and quality content as per the demand of the visitor.
For this, it must be kept in mind that copy-paste content is not provided on the site. Quality content comes with the help of high-paying advertisers, who are interested in paying good CPCs for clicks. Understand the importance of writing a post with original and quality.
Therefore, in order to increase the AdSense revenue, quality content should be posted without copy-paste.

Search for high paying keywords

Almost every niche Google accepts has a set of “high paying” keywords.
When your articles feature high-paying keywords in the niche, you’ll find ads that fit within the parameters of the topics. Matching ads with good keywords means you will increase your revenue and usually get more clicks.
Here are some Website for search high paying keywords:
  • Keyword Planner tool (it’s a free keyword research tool of Google)
  • Google Search Console (free
  • Google Auto Complete (free)
  • Neilpatel (free)
  • Ahrefs (Some free features)
  • Semrush (10 keywords + 1 domain analysis/day free)
  • Soovle (free)
  • Jaaxy (30 keyword search / Account free)
  • KeywordKeg (20 keyword search/day free)
  • Answar The Public (free)

Publish content regularly:

You must regularly post new articles to get lots of unique visitors to the blog. Following SEO and sharing quality content on the blog, both the visitor and the revenue will increase.
However, keep in mind that the content of the copy is not shared when sharing more content. This may result in loss of Adsense account instead of increasing revenue.

How to Protect Your AdSense Account from Banned?

  • Monitor clicks on your blog’s ad with statcounters and detect invalued clicks with IP address.
  • If you find any click invalid, please report it to Google by following this link.
  • Never click on your own ad, even from a friend or public PC.
  • Do not use rewrites or copy / paste content on the blog.
  • Do not use more than one AdSense account at the same time.
  • Do not use more than 8 adslot in one page / post.
  • Do not customize the ad size or code.
  • Don’t buy traffic from anywhere.
  • And last and most important for our country.
That’s it:
So far today, I hope that those of you who are thinking of earning from Google AdSense will find this post a bit useful.
If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below, as far as I know I will try to answer.


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