How to get Millions of Organic Traffic to your Website | Pro Blogging Tips

How to Increase Traffic

You may need to increase your organic audience when you want to lead or sell more from your own website or blog. If you are new to blogging, you can probably go through a difficult time in traffic.

Blogging is a game where you have to be curious and special at the same time because if you stand out from the crowd you will get decent traffic and even your brand will be recognized.

Take your time and start blogging if you can write great content. Content is the only thing that can drive millions of visitors to your website.

How to get Millions of Organic Traffic to your Website | Pro Blogging Tips

According to our experience and knowledge in blogging and optimization here works on our best pro blogging tips 2020. It is difficult to drive traffic for incomplete content.But it is easy to write high-quality compelling content where people are involved, and the traffic will increase rapidly.

Understand Your Audience

Understanding your audience will give you some brilliant ideas about what you are going to write about and it will enhance the relationship with the audience.

Focus on those who visit your blog frequently and find out which page you are spending the most time on.

And accordingly, you can search for related ideas from the top pages of your website. You can use Google Analytics or Aharf to check your top pages.

Write for Readers

Writing blogging for readers is one of the best successful tips. Because if you are right for search engines, people may not get the solution, but if you can write for readers, the user experience will increase and your ranking will be higher.

Ask your readers to share the content if it is effective, it will increase your authority.

Deep Articles

Your content should be long and informative enough. This does not mean that the article you write should be longer than 2000 words.

It depends on what you are writing and if the topic is broad then you have to write long content with solution and if the topic is narrow, you can write up to 1000 words.

You can see that even a 300 word article is ranking on the top page of Google.

Stand up from the Crowd

If you write exactly the way other people write, you will never rank on Google and people will think you are just following them.

Write your own content in your own style that will attract visitors and search engines. People should make your content simple and informative and then build relationships with your articles to create tables.

The answers to those questions where no one was discussed.

Build some Authority

The building authority will rank each of your articles within a few days.

Try to impress your audience with your articles and choose the perfect domain that matches your brand.

Be friendly with Readers

You should never miss a reply to a comment your site has received. This will build trust between you and your audience and people will share your content on their timeline.

So whenever you get a comment, try to answer them and help them with their doubts.

Create a Viral Title

A viral headline can attract the attention of 10 out of 10 people. Sounds interesting?

It is true that a common boring headline can reach 1 in 10 people and a viral headline can reach 8 out of 10 people.

Create a title that looks interesting and clickable. If you are an apprentice, you can take the help of title generator.

Use the Formula ‘buffet’

Do you know what the Buffett formula is? In our view, we follow the buffet formula to increase the traffic to our blog, which is a beautiful meta description with viral titles, short URLs, keywords and proper alignment of content.

The content also follows the buffet formula and includes the H3 tag after the H4 tag and the H2 tag after the H1 tag. Use catchy words in blog titles and include them.

Create Your Email List

Start building your email list from day one. You won’t see any growth for a few weeks, but don’t stop creating email lists. The more email lists you have, the more your traffic and sales can increase.

Email marketing will be useful for sending articles directly to your readers in their email inboxes.

Start Branding on Social Media

If you have time, just focus on social media platforms. Facebook will give you very little traffic if you publish through a Facebook page, but if you create your own Facebook community, you can drive thousands of traffic to your website.

Creating a community will create a better idea than creating a page. Create your audience in the Facebook community. Reddit and Pinterest will send a lot of traffic to your website if your website is on a niche basis.

Content Headings

If you write a great article, you need to align the content properly. If the format of your article is nice, you will get more shares and people will have more on your site.

If you use headings and subheadings, make sure each subheading has enough content.

Update Content Regularly

Content updates will instantly increase your search engine traffic. This proves that when you add new information to your old article, the chances of getting higher rank in search engines are 100%.

If you have old articles and decent traffic, you must update the content with more information or questions. You must check every blog post every week and update yours if necessary.

Always keep an eye on your search engine rankings and if a post just drops the rankings, you must update the content.

Learn Keyword Placements

You need to know keyword stuffing and keyword density. If you use the keyword correctly in the content, your article will rank without any difficulty.

But if you overuse keywords and follow Black Hat SEO, your traffic will be lost from search engines.

Pay attention to the Micro

If you are looking for a niche that is very competitive, you will never find a place for the article. Even if you search for long tail keywords, most people have already found a place for them.

This is because you focus on micro beautiful things. Just look for micro niche topics and start writing on the topic.

Answers to People’s Questions

Take the help of Kora and forums to find questions. If you write an article about people being confused, your article will rank in a few days.

You can also take the help of “Answer the public” to find the questions and write the content / solution of the questions.

Use Infographics / Images

If you use images or infographics in your content, readers will not get tired while reading your long content. Images will serve as infographics for page and single page articles.

Images work better than content for sharing on social media platforms. You can optimize images to increase your SEO ranking by 41%.

Create Video / Audio Lessons

Video marketing will do wonders compared to content marketing. Even on social platforms, you can watch videos to convert better than images and links.

If you can edit a video, use video marketing as your promotional blogging method and also use audio blocks. If you leave the audio explaining how to solve a question, lots of people will download your audio, or they will follow your audio.

With this method, you will get more shares, and more recognition, and the content will be optimized for voice search.

Pro Blogging Tips In this linked article you will learn how to market your business and get a lot of traffic from YouTube channels.


The best Q&A platform is Quora. When you link to a website and answer a specific question, your answer becomes popular and you get a lot of traffic to your site.

All you have to do is follow what you know and you write. Choose some questions to answer. If you are a new user of Quora, try to answer the question with links or information from other websites.

If you build some authority in Quora or get a good amount of feedback for your answer, you can promote your website in Quora. Some people get thousands of traffic from Quora and Quora is their primary traffic source.

Blogging with Passion and Patience

If you are interested in writing, choose a topic and start writing. Don’t think of blogging as a job, think of blogging as a passion and you will have more success when you start writing blog articles.

When you write you have to feel that you are writing for yourself and to impress yourself. It’s a way of writing for yourself but a way of writing for your readers. Your author should write down how many people are reading your article, but the content should be appropriately clickable.

The next thing is patience.

In the beginning you will not see anyone coming to your website alone for information. What is the big deal? You just started your site, and nobody knows about it.

It’s normal to see zero traffic at the beginning but take it as a challenge and get it to 100k traffic. All you have to do is blog with passion and patience.

Blogging Schedules

Blogging schedule will help you to write articles from time to time and publish articles on time. When you’ve finished an article quickly, draft your next article with just one title.

Once you are free, complete the article and schedule the post. When you’re regularly scheduling posts at certain times of the day, you’re addicted to writing more.

People will wait for the time to get your article. This will be the best practice to take your blog to the next level.

Social Media Marketing

There are many bloggers who are getting 90% social traffic. Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are the top social media platforms to drive real traffic. Most beauty or health related articles will get more shares in Pintest.

Most of the articles related to entertainment news and movies will get more shares on Facebook. You can get any kind of traffic through Twitter but you have to make sure that the title is worth clicking. Use a variety of digital marketing platform strategies to reach the target audience

Guest Posting

There was a time when a blogger had to work hard day and night to increase his website traffic. But after posting guests on high authority and high traffic websites, you can get decent traffic to your website.

Your guest post should be perfect and informative with lots of information. If you find a site that receives guest posts in your niche, make sure you write a great post and link to useful posts on your site before submitting.

Article Marketing

Article marketing is the most underrated strategy to increase blog traffic. Most people focus on offsite SEO and promotions. But you have to kill readers with your content. Content is the only thing that drives millions of traffic alone.

Article marketing should be done properly and here’s how you can do it Create profiles on high authoritative article sharing platforms like Tumblr, Medium, StumbleUpon, etc. Write high-quality content on your website and share in these profiles to increase your website’s authority.

You can test how to use Facebook to generate traffic to your site.

You will also increase the ranking when you increase the authority.

Link Building

Link building is essential for SEO to increase your ranking quickly. Try to create natural links and try to get quality backlinks from high ranking websites in your relative niche.

You can outreach Blogger to get quality backlinks and it will build relationships with bloggers.

Design Reader Friendly Blog

The good design and layout of a website also ranks in SEO. If the blog is reader-friendly then people are more on your site and you will get a good bounce rate.

This will tell Google that people love your blog and your writing and Google will put pressure on your rankings. Make it easy to design and choose beautiful fonts for your navigation.

Use SEO Friendly Themes

The look and template of your website will be important in SEO. You need to choose the perfect SEO friendly theme for both mobile and desktop versions. And make sure your website is loading very fast to enhance the user experience.

It will be better if you use premium themes because free things will not work like premium themes. Lots of premium themes are available and you can quickly choose premium themes loading according to your niche.

Relationship with 2 blog bloggers (NICHE)

You need to maintain a good relationship with your niche related bloggers. When you write a post and when you share it with your peers, they will share the article if the article is great.

You can even get help from bloggers to get good rankings in search engines and learn how to monetize your blog. If you can build a good relationship with the bloggers in your niche, ask them to share your article.

Creating Blogs as a Community

If a visitor comes to your website, it should be like a library of information. That means shaping your site as a community for readers.

Whenever people visit your site, then he can get quick answers and you need to navigate most of the viral articles properly. They should contact you immediately, and they should be able to easily clear their doubts.

Blogging Requires Time

When you think about blogging and start writing, you should avoid the glimmer of monetization. Because when you focus on money, you can’t focus on regular blogging.

Every business needs time, and every site needs time to become popular on social media and search engines. Remember that it takes time before your website changes as a brand.

Invest in Good Places

When you decide to start blogging, you need to invest in something where you can get a website and hosting. Before registering a domain and hosting you need to make sure that you are investing in a good place.

For domains, you can take Gaddadi, Namechep, Bigrak, etc. But when you go to choose hosting for the maintenance of your site, you have to choose a killer hosting. Yes, good hosting will speed up the loading and performance of your website.

Most hosting companies offer free SSL certificates and multiple website hosting. There are a few things you need to consider before choosing a hosting provider and their uptime, loading speed, customer support and regular backups.

Niche Analysis

Analyze your topic. When you start blogging, and you’re struggling to get traffic, you have to think that your niche is completely wrong, the way you approach the audience is wrong.

You need to find niche skills and stretch capabilities. You can’t write hundreds of articles if the subject is narrow, but you can when the subject is wide. This is the first step in choosing the niche. You need to know the subject and you need to get the questions out of the subject. So before starting a blog, take the time to do research on the niche.

You get what you Write

Even after you have successfully selected a niche, you may have difficulty writing things down. Take the help of online blog topic generator or Google auto-consult to explore ideas.

You get real traffic only when you write a specific topic. It means ‘you get what you write and you can write what you know’.

Read before Publishing

This is a step that most bloggers avoid. You need to read the article properly before you publish it after you have finished writing it.

When you read it over and over again, you can easily find the wrong and missed links in your article. You can easily link internal links to the content when you return. So read the content twice before hitting the publish button.

Write as a Reader

We’ve already shared a tip at the beginning and this is Write for Readers But ‘but what is the difference between writing for readers and writing as a reader. When you write for readers, you are looking for answers to their questions.

Write as you read while you are asking questions like yourself and you are figuring out more possible questions inside the topic.

IQ right? That’s why you have to write like a reader. As you write as a reader, you will find more topics related to the article.

Give Assurance

Most brothers promise their readers that they will make a difference in their blogging careers. To quickly create your email list, you need to use this technique as a popup notification on your site.

Use the popup notification subscription form. More people are saying ‘Get my secret tips to rank your blog in the next 2 weeks’. They are giving readers their tips and experiences, as well as they are creating an email list.

Mobile Friendly Sites

According to Google, mobile users are searching more than desktop users. In 2017, 57% of all online searches occurred on smartphones and tablets. Your site needs to be optimized for your mobile users.

When your site is mobile friendly, users will spend more time on your site. This will reduce the bounce rate, and it will also enhance the user experience. You need to optimize your site individually for mobile and desktop. For any mobile user, your website should load in less than a second.

Ask Influencers

There you need to ask some influencers about the successful strategies you have created to make the blog a success. Most of the influencers will share their tips with newcomers and you need to remember those strategies. You need to follow the influencer regularly. If you are working hard and your content is unique, they will help you get involved in your blog.

Create a Strategy

If nothing works, why not develop a strategy to increase your site traffic. There are people who experiment with traffic and most people succeed.

When you try other ways to attract visitors, you are building on your own. This will keep you away from regular bloggers and if the strategy works you can achieve a huge number. Take your time to get an idea and read more blogs.

Don’t follow Anyone

Don’t follow anyone even if you are big in the industry. Because some strategies will work for some people and some strategies will not work. Create your own ways and strategies to increase sales and traffic. Be influenced by top marketers and follow your own path.

Do not take care of the Analysis at the Beginning

You don’t have to worry at the beginning of the analysis. Not a single blog can drive thousands of traffic on the first day.

When you test analytics from day one, you will demotivate yourself. Start writing quality articles, and the rest will be notified by Google. Promote articles on the right blog You will find success for your blogging.

Blogging tips from Copy Blogger

Copyblogger is a leading online platform for learning about blogging and search engine optimization, and marketing. You get a bunch of knowledge when you visit their site.

If you want to become a professional copywriter, you must follow the blog regularly. Okay, let’s take a look at the tips that will engage your blog in a professional way.

Keep a list of the Following Articles

Open a Microsoft Word document or a word document to save a list of subsequent articles that you are about to publish on your site.

Do’t copy Someone’s Content

Your content should be unique. If you follow someone and you write an article like any other blogger, people will not follow your blog. The content you write should be unique and informative.

Look for your ideas and your strategies to give accurate information and write to the point. Don’t confuse them with clickable titles but with annoying information. This means you don’t have to change the title until you find great content in your article.

Write when you feel Enthusiastic

When you have the energy, write as much content as possible. This will define your character when you drive regularly. When you have the energy, you will run out of ideas, and we will write great things that will attract a number of ministers.

If you write two articles today, you can take the gap tomorrow. When you feel the urge to write, then write as well as you can and as well as you can. Do not publish immediately after writing. Take the time to follow up on your mistakes and correct your grammar, read again and then publish hit.

List Posts

List posts work better than official content. There are many articles that are only listed with the list of posts. When a user visits your site and you have long content then list posts instruct them to read and understand quickly.

Don’t go over the top 30 list posts to be annoying. If you have more than 30 points, create a partition for each of the 25 list posts in a single article.

Mention Industry Experts

Whenever you have space, feel free to think about the influence of your art. It will connect with the impact and trust of your audience to follow your blog. This will be a great linking strategy to make your blog more successful in less time.

Find an industry expert and try to link to him whenever you get the chance. Develop a strong bond and build relationships with your readers and competitors.

Use Examples and Case Studies

This is a great pro blogging tip. You will need to use multiple screenshots and reference guides to write a comprehensive case study. When you add screenshots people will believe that you are expressing yourself and your experience rather than copying the content.

And when you link to a reference guide, people believe that the targeted link is useful and followable. People will trust you more when you include your work instead of just words. A simple case study will attract more viewers than a simple article.

Post Content Regularly

Write quality content and show it regularly. Feel that Google is releasing content consistently and that Google will remember your site forever if it has quality content. Write a great article and impress regular visitors.

Sprinkle Questions

When you’re writing content make sure you’re dispelling your audience’s suspicions. Implement as many questions as you can and you are answering them appropriately.

A reader must understand your answer and he or she will probably share your content. Your content will also be optimized for voice search when you include Q&A in your content.

Inspire Your Readers

As you write, make sure your readers get some inspiration from your words. When you inspire them they will share your content and they will start following you.

A simple sentence can make a difference when you use affected words. Optimize your content for readers and inspire them with your proven techniques and techniques.

Learn how to get Ideas

When you finish writing an article, your next question is the subject of the second article. There are situations where you will be confused and you do not know what to write. Take the help of online tools or Google Auto suggests ideas for your next topic.

If you follow the same steps, you can improve your rankings. When you have a column post where there are more than 5000 words, then write some articles related to the children’s section and link them to this parent article. This will increase your ranking in search engines.

Warm up New Customers

You don’t have to worry about sales and traffic when you have an adequate subscriber list, but if you are struggling to build an email list, you should try something new.

Why should a new reader subscribe to your list when they visit your website and a popup shows up to subscribe to your email list? Answer them with clickable answers and include your free ebook and PDF guide for download.

When you ask them to submit their emails to download these ebooks, they will provide an email address and you can create your own email list. Use some lead management platforms to convert your audience into customers.

Enter Short Emails

Short emails will convert more than long emails. If you have a good email list, write a few words about your article and let them know with your latest post.

The email should be short and sweet and your target should be more than 80% open. This will greatly increase your sales and conversions and your blog traffic. Show bullet points and include a high-quality paragraph with a few sentences and link to your latest article.

Social Sharing Buttons

Social sharing buttons will increase your social sharing by readers. Most people don’t think about it at first but you have to show social share buttons from day one.

This will allow the user to quickly share on social media platforms and you will get referral traffic. Your brand will start to grow if you have both social shares. You can use the free social welfare plugin to design your social share buttons.

Use Free Images

You can’t copy and paste every image you see on the Internet. This will ban your site from search engines. You need to use free royalty free images in your blog articles.

There are many free sites for public domain images that will provide images for use with / without contributions to your articles. Learn exactly how to optimize images to boost your rankings.

You can use some methods to optimize your images and if you share the image on Pinterest, Instagram or any image sharing platform, you will get good traffic.

Straight Forward Structure

Do not confuse your reader. Come straight to the point when you are answering questions and the reader must be helpful in your resource.

If you continue to drag them into your article, they may be dissatisfied and leave your site without clicking on any link inside your article. This will be bad for your search engine optimization and increase bounce rate. So make sure you clear the point exactly towards the structure.

Start Writing Early

Whenever you think, start writing the article because it takes time for the perfect content. Start writing from day one and you can take a whole week to complete the content as it will be the pillar post of your site and it will attract huge attention of the visitors.

Your blog’s Purpose

Why people have to visit your blog?
What are you going to explain in your blog?
Why should people share your content?
What is the purpose of your blog?
Get ready with the answers because if you can convince a reader about what you are going to play your site then people will love your efforts and they will start sharing your content. It will reach the audience quickly without your efforts, and you’ll build an enormous email list.

Find a Partner

There is nothing wrong if you select a wrong partner even. What I mean is, if you’ve got your friend or partner or any loved one then ask him to assist with the work you’ve got . Even your partner has zero knowledge, you’ve got to elucidate how he can handle that.
When you find your partner, it’ll be easy to finish your articles in time and to publish your articles. Feel free to ask his opinion and ideas to write the next topic and if possible take writings from him.

Have Strong Opinion

The final step is being strong. When people start blogging, within a month or two months, they will give up because of the results. One thing you have to remember is “blogging needs time”, and when you keep on going with the content you have, you will achieve what you are supposed to. This is how you have to be strong with your opinion.
Be genuine and be confident with the articles you are writing.


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