How to Earn Money by Affiliate Marketing | Step by Step Guide

Earn Money Affiliate Marketing
If you want to make money at home, affiliate marketing can be a great way for you. It is for the students to earn at home; A housewife or an employee can easily earn extra money through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a favorite of many for making money online; Knowing about affiliate marketing is bound to be a favorite of yours too. If you want to earn money on the internet through affiliate marketing, read our blog carefully. Hopefully after reading the article; Get a complete idea of ​​how to make money from affiliate marketing and start affiliate marketing on your own. Before we learn how to do affiliate marketing, we need to know more about affiliate marketing. If you have a good idea, you will be interested in earning money through affiliate marketing and you will appreciate this way of earning money at home in the future.

What is affiliate marketing and why?

Many times we search the internet to earn money from home – “Earning from Affiliate Marketing” or many people write in Bengali – “Affiliate Marketing Want to make money”, etc. But many of us do not know, what is affiliate marketing? And why is affiliate marketing done?

To put it bluntly, affiliate marketing is; A kind of online salesman. We see a lot of time when we go to the market; There are some salesmen who look at you and say – “Mama, take it. It’s a very good product” and so on. Just like these salespeople, you have to sell a company’s product; However, it is not sitting in a market, but sitting at home when happy. And thus selling a company’s product online is called affiliate marketing. Can ask questions; So where is your profit? Your gain is; If you can sell a product online, you will be given a part of the profit of that product and this is the way to make money – Earning from affiliate marketing from home or affiliate marketing income from home. In this post, you will find step-by-step discussions on how to sell a company’s product at home.

Why Affiliate Marketing?

There are many reasons to do affiliate marketing, the main one being; You do not need extra curriculum to earn money through affiliate marketing, that is, you need experience in almost all other ways of earning money from home, but you do not need much experience in affiliate marketing. You can start affiliate marketing right now without any experience Other reasons why affiliate marketing is so popular are:

No need for computer:

In order to earn income online, many times it doesn’t work without computer but it is not applicable in the case of affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing can be done at home without a computer. In many cases, affiliate marketing is better done on mobile than on computer. So if someone wants to make income on mobile, affiliate marketing is best for them.

Applicable to anyone:

From students to housewifes or employees; Anyone can do affiliate marketing. In the middle of class, affiliate marketing can be done from anywhere by sitting in the bus seat; Almost everyone is interested in making money through affiliate marketing. People of any age can do it.

Opportunity to shop without capital:

You can sell any product of the companies that approve of affiliate marketing. Attract customers just like your own product; Business much like own shop. Create a store online and sell from there; It will feel like your own shop.

No Experience Required:

No experience is required in earning income from online affiliate marketing. You can do e-affiliate marketing as long as you have the skills to run Facebook, YouTube and browse the net. Being able to speak English will give you extra benefits, but not necessarily.

There are many other reasons why affiliate marketing is so easy to make money. Another reason to earn money through affiliate marketing is; In the case of online income, the amount of income is much larger. Occasionally there are job offers in the marketing section of large companies; So taking affiliate marketing as an addiction can turn into a profession at any time.

Is there a company for affiliate marketing?

There are many companies in the world to make money through affiliate marketing. Some companies also call it digital marketing. The benefits of digital marketing are available in almost all countries. Freelancers from our country are also earning hundreds of dollars through affiliate marketing With hard work and proper effort, you too can earn a lot of money through digital marketing. The best companies in our country for digital marketing are-

Amazon: There is nothing new to say about Amazon. It is a giant company that sells products online Anyone can earn money by affiliate marketing from Amazon. Amazon’s affiliate service is hailed around the world as the “Number One Affiliate Marketing”. The main advantage of affiliate marketing from Amazon is that Amazon is a trusted platform for almost everyone; That’s why you don’t have to rush to get customers online. Besides, Amazon’s payout option is approved from our country. Through the bank you can withdraw the money earned from Amazon’s affiliate marketing.

EBay: An e-commerce company like Amazon. EBay’s affiliate marketing service is also very popular in our country. There is a record of earning thousands of rupees per month from eBay If you want, you can make money at home by using eBay’s affiliate marketing service. The main advantage of eBay is that; As this company is new, it has facilitated the benefits of income through digital marketing. EBay’s pay-out method is also fairly simple. You can receive the payment through the bank. Ebay may be the best for you in terms of online income through digital marketing.

Shopify: You can also earn money from Shopify through digital marketing. It is very difficult to get customers from our country using Shopify, but you can earn up to a few hundred dollars a month if you work a little hard using Shopify. Can receive payment from our country.

There are also many companies in our country that provide affiliate marketing services such as domain hosting provider company Dianahost, Ajkerdil etc. You can earn money on the internet from any our countries organization by doing digital marketing at home.

How do I make money with affiliate marketing?

Here are some steps you can take to begin the process of preparation for mediation. Only by following the steps will you understand; How to make money through digital marketing. Not to mention a few things before starting the steps – First of all, selling online is digital marketing or affiliate marketing. If you can’t sell a product online, you won’t be paid. And the second word is; The harder you work, the more you can earn from affiliate marketing.

The trick to earning money through affiliate marketing is to increase your communication skills with people. The more people you can impress about the product, the more product sales and the more income.

I will start the steps of income by affiliate marketing. You must read carefully and try to do things step by step. To qualify you need to know how to “sign up” or “sign in” to a website, you also need to know how to copy links. I have said this before; If you want to do affiliate marketing, you must have a good knowledge about browsing.

Step 01: Plan what products you can sell through Affiliate Marketing

If you want to earn money by affiliate marketing, you have to do some homework first. Make a chart of what products you can digitally market. Take a few days if necessary. This step is very important. If you can’t start earning money in a hurry, you will no longer be seen in potential affiliate marketing. So keep thinking about affiliate marketing for a few days. That’s the product you’re thinking of selling; Also think about whether you know them. We would like to help you a little bit about what types of products you can sell in our country-

Affiliate Marketing By Selling Electronics Products: In today’s world, most of the electronics products are sold online. You may be used to buying from the retail market but most of the people from whom you buy electronics products order their products online. Electronics products include – mobiles, computers, laptops, etc. You can sell new models of mobiles. That price of a mobile phone in our country; The price of the same model of mobile phone is a bit lower on Amazon or eBay. Many people now order online instead of going to the store as the price of the product is a bit lower. Since the demand for mobile phones, laptops or computers is huge in our country, you can earn money by digital marketing with these products of electronics.

Digital Marketing by Selling Design and Fashion Products: After electronics products, the demand for fashion and design products is huge in our country. The demand for products such as boys ‘watches, girls’ jewelery, shoes, etc. cannot be overstated. Original products are available online at relatively low prices, so many people are now ordering products online from home. If you want, you can easily take advantage of affiliate marketing by selling these fashion and design products online.

You can also sell children’s toys: Who doesn’t need children’s toys? Each family has two children. Many people do not have time to go to the store with their child to buy toys. So it can be seen; Parents order children’s toys online. Many parents will be willing to buy new toys from other countries. You can also do digital marketing by selling new toys at relatively low prices.

If you want, there are many more options like this Prepare yourself to e-sell the product you like to sell. You can also sell multiple products if you want; However, if you focus on any one type of product, it becomes easy to earn money through affiliate marketing.

Step 02: Open the ID through multiple social media

The second step is very important for you because you will need your customer to sell the product. Where do you find these customers? The answer is through various social media. You have more or less anagona through various social media. You need to find targeted customers through these social media and in the future you will earn money by selling products through these social media. These mediums are called affiliate marketing platforms. Here are some of the platforms in detail:

Affiliate marketing with Facebook:

Open a Facebook account and make friends with people with the kind of mindset you want to sell the product there. Open a page and a group on Facebook. Keep posting regularly about the type of product you want to sell. Give plenty of time 7 If you work for 2/3 months, you will be able to create a few thousand fan bases. The more fan followers or Facebook members there are, the more product sales will be possible. So try to bring in a group of targeted customers. Affiliate marketing on Facebook is very easy in our country because almost everyone in our country has a Facebook account. If necessary, open more than one account on Facebook. Connect with different people. Talk. Try to make your ID a little heavier. 

Affiliate Marketing with Twitter:
Although Twitter is not very popular in our country, most of the professional people live on Twitter. Professional people are at the top of interest when it comes to online shopping so Twitter can be a good platform for you. Open multiple accounts on Twitter and increase the number of followers by product related good tweets or any type of tweets. Chat with followers from time to time so they can trust you. If you can create a believable and product related follower, you can also earn good money with Twitter.

Affiliate Marketing with YouTube:

Most people in our country watch videos on YouTube. You can also earn money through affiliate marketing through YouTube videos. In that case open a channel on product related YouTube. Give reviews of different products on the channel. Increase your channel’s subscriptions with flashy ads. As subscriptions grow; The number of customers for your product will increase accordingly If you continue working hard, you will get a chance to get good subscriptions on YouTube. You can also copy and paste any video if you want. Copy paste posting can be marketed on YouTube but YouTube monetization cannot be monetized. So since your goal is to earn money by affiliate marketing on YouTube, you can also upload videos by copying and pasting.

There are also many more social media where you can increase your fanbase by creating your ID. Such as- LinkedIn, Instagram, Emo etc. You can increase the fanbase by opening at least a couple of IDs on each social media. If you work regularly for 2/3 months, you will have 20/30 thousand followers in total. Having 20,000 followers means 20,000 customers. If you work hard, you will be able to earn good money starting from Rs 20,000.

Step 03: Create an affiliate account in any one or more organizations of your choice

Which is your favorite organization? Want to make money by selling products of which organization? Think about these and create an account. If you want, you can create an account for affiliate marketing in one or more organizations. However, the things to keep in mind when creating an account in any organization are-
  • Whether the organization is reliable.
  • Whether the payment receipt method is applicable in our country.
  • Whether the organization is known to everyone.
  • How does the company pay for affiliate marketing etc.
You can apply for affiliate marketing in any organization only after being sure about the above issues. We have written above some of the institutions, some of which are famous all over the world and some of which are less well known in our country.

Step 04: Marketing the product with the link

Once the account is created, you will have to go to the main work. You need to post links to various products, product details and other social media from the organization to which you have applied for affiliate marketing. Step 2 Post details with product links in each of the accounts you have opened. You can also communicate with someone personally. I would like to teach you two additional marketing strategies such as-

Marketing in the comment box of Facebook and YouTube: In this case you have to copy the details and link of the product and comment in the comment box of different Facebook pages. This way you can also paste various YouTube videos in the comment section.

Marketing on a site that answers different questions: Many people in our country’s “Beshto” or the internationally popular “Quora” have questions about different topics. You can fine-tune the details of your product. Possible to get a large number of customers by marketing in this way.

Sharing the link can be very bad, but once some money is deposited in the butt account, it will be cut off gradually. It is better not to have any ego at work; You work and eat so accept even if it feels a little bad.

There are many more techniques that can be used to increase product sales in affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing strategies can be discussed in another blog Even then, if you need any help with such techniques and affiliate marketing, please contact us on our Facebook page. If necessary, we will teach you live techniques on how to increase sales in digital marketing.

Step 05: Continue working and payout at regular intervals

Not just affiliate marketing; There is a lot of work to be done in any marketing. Many times you have to be embarrassed to explain to the customer. Yet people do marketing. Whatever the income; Keep up the good content. In which month the income will be more and in which month the income will be more. Instead of worrying about income and expenses, continue your work properly. If you have enough money in your account, pay it out. Use your bank account for payouts. When withdrawing money, remember-
  • Do not go to withdraw money with a third person.
  • Do not give mail ID and password to anyone at the persuasion of anyone.
  • If necessary, learn how to withdraw money by watching various tutorials.
Also, it is better not to keep money in the account for a long time. There are vulture eyes all over the world; Take your remuneration to your bank before he sees it. It’s not just about affiliate marketing; This applies to any way of earning money sitting at home.

How Much Money Does Affiliate Marketing Make?

Make $100 a day with digital marketing! Many such words can be seen circulating online. Many ask us – how much money can be made by affiliate marketing? The answer is that you can earn from a few thousand to a few lakhs. Again, if the fortune is bad, not a single penny can be earned at the end of the month. Income depends on your product sales.
If you can sell the product you will get money or not. More product sales give more money; If you give less, the money is less. So it cannot be said that; How much baldness will you earn at the end of the day. However, if you do affiliate marketing properly and according to the plan, you can get a monthly amount from here; Maybe it’s 10 to 15 thousand. Remember – affiliate marketing is a way to make money online – hard work and hard work.


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